Remote R&D Center in Ukraine.

Get your dedicated developers maximally involved in your project by turning your remote development team into a sterling R&D center.
We take the pain out of building a team of professional software engineers and set up your new, remote R&D office in a matter of weeks. You are at the helm of managing the developers directly as if it's your in-house team down the hall.

Focus on what matters most, developing your product and pursuing market supremacy, while we handle the motivation and staff retention of your team.

How it works.

As every engineer in our office is custom-hired, we conduct in-depth interviews with your top management in order to gain insight into the company's needs and objectives and make the most relevant value proposition.
Setting up the R&D office
Our recruiting team forms a pull of engineers that ideally fit your company profile and arranges interviews, so you can take a closer look at each candidate and choose only the top talents.
Team Integration
Once the engineers are recruited, it's time to integrate this new team with your business. Our management, HR, and recruiting teams will assist you in every possible way to tune up the remote cooperation model.
Administration and Support
X1 Group takes care of all administrative back-office work such as office space, hardware, payroll, HR support, sick leaves and vacations, etc. We encourage education and empower the professional growth of your R&D team.

Who is this for.
Startups that need talented development resources which will contribute their time and skills exclusively to your project at a reasonable wage.
Small- and mid-sized businesses that want to optimize their development processes and expand their product reach for faster market entering.
Large Enterprises
Companies that are planning to explore a new location and by opening a cost-effective R&D division.
Big Corporations
Businesses that look for win-win partnership opportunities with premium cooperation terms to improve their R&D attitude to ensure high ROI.

Why Ukraine.

Ukraine ranks 4th in the number of IT graduates in the world with 16,000 new specialists every year.
Language Proficiency
The level of English proficiency is close to some countries where English is an official second language.
Favorable Location
Ukraine's very well connected with Europe and America by air; with only 1-4 hours away from the main European cities, your team is an arm's length.
Engineering Skills
Ukrainian work ethic is the same as most European countries while engineering proficiency is much higher and the minimum wage's lower which can save up to 60 % on your total IT costs.

Open your new R&D department.

Help your business innovate and evolve. It's efficient, transparent, and safe.

Need a smaller team?

We can build a Dedicated Development Team for you
in Ukraine
Get your own development team without the stress of recruitment, X1 Group will find, interview, onboard, and support your developers, while you focus on your business growth.