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X1 Group helped a German-based startup find a team to evolve their credit scoring system for individual factoring.

Making factoring funds accessible to everyone.

Finiata is a data-driven automated lending system that provides micro-factoring for self-employed individuals, freelancers, small and medium businesses. Assessing thousands of traditional scoring criteria, behavior information, and alternative data both from public sources and registers, the system determines individuals' eligibility for financing and provides an immediate payout.

Starting our cooperation at the end of 2017, X1 Group quickly established a dedicated development team 6 engineers (and counting) who strengthened Finiata's core, in-house team, increasing overall development speed and capacity. The team is currently growing and already doubled its size.


The Testimonial.

Ingmar Stupp
CPO and Managing Director
After a rigorous selection, in just a few months X1 Group assembled an excellent team of skilled Ruby-on-Rails developers who are in absolute harmony with our in-house team and strengthen it with insightful comments and interesting ideas.

The involvement of X1 Group helped us enhance our customers' journey and deliver a top-rated product. Moreover, their client-first attitude and transparent communication allowed them to remain very flexible and responsive to all our concerns and changes we made.

The Challenges.

Assembling the senior team
While Finiata was planning to enter new markets and extend its product with new features, the initial request was to assemble a team of senior-level RoR engineers who can extend and reinforce the existing team in Berlin.
Adding value
Finiata was looking for a few experienced Ruby-on-Rails engineers to strengthen the in-house assets and QAs who can help them create an additional value that would allow for a better customer experience when using the system.
Custom cooperation terms
Finiata wanted a custom-like partnership with a simplified task management, planning, and reporting and increased employees' involvement. These special conditions go far beyond a standard outsourcing, but the dedicated team model that we offer is a more suitable solution.


The Solution.

Finiata's factoring system is expected to be supported by a strong team of software engineers with an expertise in the fintech domain. Berlin, where Finiata's headquarters are located, is a highly competitive market in terms of skilled developers, which only impedes the development team scaling.

Finiata reached out to X1 Group because its founders have already worked with us in their past companies. Previously, they cooperated with other services providers and remote development consultants and were now looking for senior developers on a permanent basis.

Finiata engaged X1 Group software engineers to modernize existing web-based lending solutions and engineer a number of revolutionary features within the software ecosystem.

Together with client's integrated team, our developers created a smart, scalable solution to help businesses access the working capital without the usual waiting times, paperwork, or the strict criteria of traditional banks or factoring companies.
The Technologies.

The Process.

Being a quick and easy solution to help freelancers and SMEs grow their company even faster, Finiata wanted only the best of the best and established quite a high level of knowledge, experience, and skills for the candidates. Having a thorough selection process on both sides of X1 Group and Finiata, we managed to build a team of six and counting. The current team consists of five RoR engineers and one QA specialist.

After a rigorous selection, in just a few months X1 Group assembled a team of skilled Ruby-on-Rails developers who found a harmony with Finiata's in-house team. As of today, X1 Group's dedicated developers utilize contemporary technologies such as Ruby-on-Rails for the back-end and React for the front-end, while our QA tests the system using Selenium and Cucumber to ensure a flawless user experience.

The Results.

Our hires, who happen to be experienced senior developers that always produce quality software, significantly speed up Finiata's development process.
Our involvement helped Finiata enhance their customers' journey and deliver a top-rated product;
Our transparent communication allowed us to remain very flexible and responsive to all clients' concerns and the changes they made;
As we are really focused on excellent delivery, Finiata is able to meet its business goals and improve the development.


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