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The recruited team is excellent, with the longevity of the partnership demonstrating the high quality of the deliverables produced. They fit in very well with the in-house team, engaging effectively with the company and its goals, while providing good support at all times. We're still working with them today because we're very happy with the quality of people and the amount of support we receive. It's been unique, compared to the model that many other outsourcing companies provide.
CEO, Kreditech
Alexander Graubner-Müller
X1 Group proved a remarkable ability to orchestrate a truly professional team and within just a few weeks, we've already got the team of two .NET developers working under our product. This investment has been extremely useful for us as it helped cut down the development costs almost twice and optimize our workload. We are extremely happy with what X1 Group does for us. The entire BudgetEnergie team highly recommends X1 to every business that needs dedicated developers at a reasonable cost.
CIO, Nuts Groep B.V.
Floris de Haes
In just a few months X1 Group assembled an excellent team of skilled Ruby-on-Rails developers who are in absolute harmony with our in-house team and strengthen it with insightful comments and interesting ideas. The involvement of X1 Group helped enhance our customers' journey and deliver a top-rated product. X1 Group became our loyal partner and trusted advisor and acquired our highest recognition. Their flexibility and dedication allow me to recommend X1 Group to everyone without a shred of a doubt.
CPO and Managing Director, Finiata
Ingmar Stupp
The outstaffing model X1 Group implemented and developed so well is the best model one can find for the lean startup's software engineering as it allows to find the best talents available, deploy weekly iterations, and make developers work as it would be their startup.
Founder, Casafari
Mila Sukhareva
I highly recommend X1 Group for businesses that are looking for really solid tech resources to help with your projects. They will help you to extend your existing dev team as well as hire your first engineers and grow the team as your business grows.
CEO, Big Data Block
Jason Cohen
X1's assimilation has decreased completion and delivery times. With a growing global team of talented resources, they play an integral role in daily processes. In addition to fostering a positive and productive international engagement, the team also offers creative, flexible, and seamless support.
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