IT Recruitment Services

If you're looking for developers to join your in-house team, X1 Group can help you with IT recruitment.
We hire top software developers and relocate them to your office as full-time employees. We'll headhunt within Eastern Europe and your home country and can take over visa and relocation, if needed.

How it works

Recruiting & Headhunting
Our professional in-house recruitment team will search for the best IT talents on European markets, specifically target Ukraine and your home country, and support with relocation to your city, if necessary.
Candidates Introduction
Once we found engineers that ideally fit the team profile, we send their CVs, recommendations, and our feedback directly to you so can get a closer look at each candidate.
Screening and Interviews
Together with you or your representative, we begin the interviewing process. You're very welcome to add your custom interview steps (such as coding challenges) because you'll have the final say before an offer to each candidate.
Relocation & Visa Support
If your future employee is not residing in your country yet, X1 Group will support the visa process and make sure relocation goes as smoothly as possible.
As a proof that we take the quality of our candidates seriously, we'll refund 100% of our recruitment fee, if our candidate does not pass the 3 months probation period.

IT recruitment is just what you need

Extend your in-house team with fresh blood,
we can start headhunting process today!

Need more dev power?

We can build a Dedicated Development Team for you
in Ukraine
Get your own development team without the stress of recruitment, X1 Group will find, interview, onboard, and support your developers, while you focus on your business growth.