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X1 Group Attends WebSummit in Lisbon, Portugal
Our team will visit in WebSummit, world's leading tech conference, to expand our network and learn the latest industry trends.
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Clutch Names X1 Group One the Best B2B Companies in Germany
Clutch named X1 Group among the most highly-recommended B2B companies in Germany, according to their research, released on August 21, 2018.
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X1 Group Excels — Featured by Clutch and The Manifest!
X1 Group is happy to announce that we have been featured as top web developers in Germany according to Clutch.
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Is Ruby-on-Rails a Good Fit for an SaaS product?
In essence, any programming language could be used for SaaS development, but our today's article focuses on whether the Ruby-on-Rails (ROR) can fit this type of project or not (spoiler: yes). We take a look mainly on the 4 major parameters that discover its convenient usage: security, performance, scalability, and flexibility.
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Java Developer Portrait [Infographics]
Java is a crucial piece of the modern programming puzzle, and so are people behind it. Being one of the most popular languages, it was intriguing to peek and see what hides behind Java devs and who is the normie by their standards. This research highlights their major traits, background, and lifestyle clues that have led to using this complex, yet important tool.
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6 Startups with Most Interesting Pitches at Web Summit
The Web Summit is over, and its time to sum up the conference's results. During 5 action-packed days, our CEO, Valeriy Bykanov heard hundreds of elevator pitches from alpha startups, and is now ready to share his list of top 6 companies with interesting pitches he enjoyed the most.
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How to 10x Your Success with an Agile Development Process
Even though it sounds like a TV ad, you don't need to make a call and order some sort of a magic wand that will solve all of your problems. In fact, you can't. What you can do is to adjust and transform your project to take an advantage of the Agile practices at any stage. Essentially, it's about adding structure and flexibility to improve project planning, early deployment, and continuous improvement.
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10 Startups You Should not Miss at WebSummit 2018
X1 Group values the startups that stand out in their practical use and show enough capacity to become a long-lasting venture. As we were preparing for the WebSummit, our CEO, Valeriy Bykanov, decided to highlight ten the most interesting startups that are doing to visit the conference and are certainly worth your time to stopping by.
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How to Effectively Work with International Teams
If you think managing a team is hard, try to manage a distributed one. When your business depends on people, scattered across time zones and continents, the management process may face many working challenges. To successfully grow and manage remote staff, you need to consider a lot of nuances. Here is a quick guide where we share our experience on how to make it a seamless affair and increase team's productivity.
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What a Typical Entrepreneur Looks Like [Infographics]
Influenced by the image of CEOs that media promulgates, we often imagine them being very young, insanely smart, and extremely rich. But the reality not always matches common beliefs. The X1 Group team gathered fascinating and, sometimes, surprising analytics to help you form the portrait of a typical entrepreneur.
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Why Now is the Best Time to Start a Fintech Startup
With hundreds of new technologies, including the blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence (AI), emerged in finance in the last few years, this industry seems highly promising for kicking off a startup. Today, we explore the best niches in the fintech that could be perfect for starting your business tomorrow.
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16 Unicorn Startups with R&D Offices in Ukraine
If you never considered Ukraine as a country for a possible location of your R&D office, you definitely made a mistake. With a lot of vetted specialists and attractive salary rates, it is a perfect match for almost every business. These 16 top start-ups have already benefitted from establishing their offices in Ukraine.
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